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Journal Entry: Sun Mar 9, 2014, 5:13 PM

Stolen from Simply--Rp

Star!How I roleplayStar!
Bullet; Black In paragraph format.
Bullet; Black In Notes
Bullet; Black Skype-preferred method of rp'ing
Bullet; Black Chatroom(s)
Bullet; Black Comment section(only for Pg-13 rp's)

Star!What I will rp aboutStar!
Bullet; Black I can rp based on any genre: Romance, Fantasy, Horror, Action, etc. 
Bullet; Black I can rp based on shows/movies/online, etc too. 

Star!Who I will rp asStar!
Bullet; Black I always rp as my own original characters (oc's for short). I have an oc to fit almost every rp scenario. 

Star!What I will not do in rp'sStar!
Bullet; Black I will not Roleplay as an already made character from shows/movies/online, etc. (You may do so, but I will not)
Bullet; Black I will not Roleplay weird fetishes-Ex: Pissing rp's, Animal on animals, etc-Just...NO. 

Star!What ratings of rp's I doStar!
Bullet; Black I can do pg-13-Light fun rp's everyone can enjoy, to 18+-Gore, sexual, bloody rp's some like. Either is fine with me. 
Bullet; Black For pg-13 rp's I will use any of my oc's (furry/anthro/human/monster/mythical beings, etc.)
Bullet; Black For 18+ rp's I will use any of my oc's except furries. 

Star!Extra thingsStar!
Bullet; Black I know most rp in script form-I find that method really annoying becuase the rp goes slower and it gets nowhere. By then I am bored with the rp so I will rp with you even if you write in script, but if it's as stated in the previous sentence I will politely say "I no longer want to continue this rp, sorry"
Bullet; Black This is mainly to script users, but can be for paragraph users too-Sometimes I write a bit more than usual to get things going in the rp. When I see your reply I'm not expecting an essay, but I would like to see some effort on your side as well to make the rp interesting and continue on. I don't feel as if I should continue rp'ing with you when I'm doing a lot of typing while your replies are only a mere sentence or two. As stated in the first bullet, if it's not going well I will politely ask Can we cancel this rp?
Bullet; Black Plots-I suck at them. I usually go for people who's already written out what's known as an "Rp starter" journals and if I like it I will join in, in the comments section. I do join others with journals  that say "Wanna rp? Looking for an rp partner" etc. However, if neither of us have a plot in mine I think it's fair to work on making one 50/50. If you can't do that then, since we have yet to start an rp, I will simply move on to someone else.  
Bullet; Black Don't care for punctuation-so long as I can understand what you're writing it's fine. If I cannot I will let you know. 
Bullet; Black Should YOU find the rp we're doing boring please do tell me-I will understand. We can either find a new topic to rp about or just not rp 
anymore at all. It's up to you. 



2. Don't put chain-mail on my page, i will mark it as spam.
3. Don't ask for llama's or points.
4. You dont have to thank me for watches or :+fav: or llamas. I Watched, or favorited because you were good and deserved it. k?

:D thanks for reading.

No Thanks-Stamp-Long button by Dinoclaws


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pikachugbr102 Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Bookley Mar 21, 2014  Hobbyist
thanks for the watch!
Unnie-GennyPark Mar 17, 2014  Student Digital Artist
~Thank you so much for the watch ♥
There are many awesome drawings in your gallery ^^
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thanks for the watch!
otakufangirl28 Mar 10, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you kindly ma'am for the watch
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